The Secret  to Mastering Your Work / Life Balance as You Succeed in Your Busy Career

Are you a busy professional or executive who is feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and un fulfilled? Is it time to shift from a high achiever to a strong, confident leader who is the CEO of their own life? 


So much happens behind the busy exterior of the professional or executive today- many pressures to perform and achieve success.  


Did you know we are facing a crisis that impacts all of us? Overwhelm is an epidemic that is harming the health of individuals, family units, communities and our country. The far-reaching effects of stress and overwhelm are hurting us in higher numbers than ever before. 


There is so much going on right now in this country. The information at your fingertips can be overwhelming! The responsibilities of being a parent, business owner, member of your community and aware human being can be intense to navigate. Stress or pressure to perform is part of life, but the intensity in which it comes at us today is unlike ever before. All the moving parts of your life can be a lot to handle...


Your children and grandchildren can overcome what is being called a generation that will live a shorter life expectancy than their parents, and this is due to high stress and pressure, overwhelm and a sense of isolation. 

Stepping out of overwhelm and into your worthy, confident self is something I know is possible. Overwhelm doesn't have to take you out, stress doesn't have to strip you or your family of the vitality living in you. Living in your confidence, worth and well-being makes it possible for everyone around you to benefit and follow your lead!


The good news is that stress can propel you to your next level, it doesn't have to stand in your way of experiencing the life you desire or achieving your dreams! You have the power to make changes not only in your life but in the lives around you. Interacting with stress and overwhelm from a place of confidence and self love, high self worth and a fresh perspective is a game changer. 


I know what it’s life to feel weighed down by overwhelm. I’ve been there before. Even though I was successful on the outside, I felt insecure on the inside. I worked hard to earn my PhD in Clinical Psychology and build a career that allowed me to earn great money but I was happy. I felt like no matter how much I gave it was never enough. I found myself overcommitting to people and projects. I was afraid to slow down. I didn’t know how to relax and enjoy life. The overwhelm didn’t stop until I learned the secret to work/life balance as I succeeded in my busy career. And to do this, I need to up level my personal leadership and become the CEO of my own life so that I was in charge of my time and energy. I believe that WE MUST step into a higher level of personal leadership to succeed in this changing world. Watch this video to learn how to take the first step into TRUE freedom. 



I am so excited to bring you a training that will inspire you to make a shift from overwhelm and high stress into confidence, peace and your highest capacity without the overwhelm.