What do I love about working with Shannon Tran?


Working with therapists in the past the road often felt ambiguous as we explored many false leads. Working with Shannon, however, each session has been illuminating and productive.


Shannon's ability to help me reveal and address unarticulated core issues has been both thought provoking and welcome. She brings a multi-faceted and practical approach, including writing and thought exercises, to help me to more quickly crystallize issues, determine objectives and to develop useful strategies for addressing them.


But what I've most appreciated in working with Shannon is that she brings genuine kindness and contagious sense of humor to our sessions. Despite the heavy topics that we discuss our sessions are often filed with laughter that always leaves me feeling lighter.​


What value do I get in working with her?


I feel that I'm working with a deeply experienced and knowledgeable partner to help me on this journey. Moreover, her approach(and philosophy) is practical. She has helped me to more quickly identify the issues that hold me back and also strategies to address them.


"I can honestly say Dr. Shannon Tran helped me turn my life around when without warning my entire world was turned upside down and rapidly I fell into a deep depression. I had reached out to other professionals but had little to no success. Dr. Tran's commitment and genuine compassion for me as well as her extensive knowledge impressed me and motivated me to move forward in life. Thank you Shannon! I will always be grateful to you for helping me get through a most troublesome and painful moment of my life." 


“Shannon is a wonderful healer! She is very nice to talk to, so it has been easy for me to open up because I don’t feel judged. She has given me very good insights that I was not able to see by myself and they have helped me. She gives you more than expected, like guiding you to other resources that are useful. She has a very nice heart and has helped me clear my issues!! I feel better after talking to her!”


That was an excellent talk on a “difficult to explain” subject. Very entertaining too-with loads of your personal stories and examples! I really enjoyed it-so now the possibilities are wide open!!”


“Thank you so much for your time, talent and help today! I’ve learned so much from you about me in such a short period of time. Learning how to know yourself at your core beliefs and drawing them out has been so enlightening and powerful! To many times we can be trained in our thinking and never getting to the root of the issues which lies in our beliefs. You have shown me just how to get to the core, in my beliefs, and teaching me how to check them and then change and replace them! I am so looking forward to learning and changing me in the most powerful way! It’s like cleaning out your closet and taking out what doesn’t “suit ” me anymore and replacing the old with new things that will suit me better! I’m so excited! This is a game changer in my life and I thank you for sharing your gifts, talents and heart with me!”


“Shannon! Praise the Lord! I believe the shift was made, this stuff works! Thank you so much! I was doing my devotion and journaling just now and my thoughts and words were different! Instead of words of worry, fear, anxiousness I found myself writing words of love and joy and get this…. Excitement! Woot! Woot! It’s going to be not just an awesome day but an awesome life! I pray that God would totally bless your work and all the people you will help! This is definitely a game changer! Can’t wait to meet with you again!”


“Thank you for explaining what can be a complicated topic so clearly and in just one hour! While I am a psychology nerd, I am an auditory learner and do not retain information from books very well. I was able to learn a lot more from you than I would have otherwise..”


“Thanks for your continuing support, compassion and guidance. Your warm my heath and give me courage to move forward on my journey to a better life. With deep appreciation.”


“My work with Dr. Tran was really helpful. She was a great advocate and coach for me. She guided me through difficult times. She gave me tools and techniques that were specifically selected for me like certain books, quotes, and other strategies. I notice streaky progress. I went from feeling like a flame of anger about my work to a pilot light that I want to keep! I really feel like I can stand for myself now!”

Dante D'Obry

I had a session with Dr. Tran this morning and it was profoundly beneficial. I have had my own business for almost 30 years now and my particular interests were about financial status and future growth. Dr. Tran not only helped me clarify my ideals she helped me open up different avenues that I hadn't thought of before. After so many decades of running a business I thought I had it all figured out! 

She helped reassure some things that I already knew but I just forgot along the way..the most important beneficial part was something not even about money but my own attitude and mindset! After our session, I felt more self confident, more secure, and a little bit wiser...I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a progressive and talented doctor. 

Thank you Dr. Tran "

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