Wealthy Women Giving Back Referral Program

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Hi there!


I’m Shannon Tran

and I’m on a mission to equip every woman with the power to experience financial confidence from the inside out.

Do you know a woman who needs to…

• Release the guilt and shame of past poor money choices such as excessive credit card debt or shady investments 
• End the struggle to know her innate value so she can confidently charge her worth
• Recognize that all money problems are mindset problems
• Be financially free and capable of making the impact and income that honors her value
• Discover wise and practical ways to protect her money
• Know that financial security isn’t just about another budget 

Here’s how it works

1. Share this link with your referral (Referral Page)

2. Make an email introduction between your referral and us using the email at the bottom of the page (my email is support@shannontranphd.com)

3. From there, I’ll chat with your connection to see if we’re a good fit. If it’s a fit, we will get them signed up and ready to embrace their financial confidence!

4. Choose between two gifts

  • $500.00 😃

  • Strategy session with Shannon where you will get personalized support and walk through the big priority in your life right now. We’ll develop and walk through the process from beginning to end making sure you understand exactly what you need to do and in order so you can implement with confidence at home.

5. Rinse and repeat!

Sample email:

Subject line- Connecting Two Awesome Women!

Hi Shannon meet (insert their name).

I’m connecting you two because I think you need to know each other and Shannon helps ambitious women experience financial confidence from the inside out. 

(insert name) is (fill in the space with what you see as her gifts, talents, and strengths or goal) and I believe Shannon can be a supportive ally in one way or another.

I’ll let you two take it from here.

Sign off