If you feel like something is holding you back...

Discover How To Escape From Your Prison... And
Achieve TRUE Freedom!

  • Tired of repeating the same pattern over and over again without knowing why or how to get out of it?

  • Feeling "stuck " at a certain level of success and afraid that you can’t sustain or keep it going?

Then you are being stopped by


Self-Sabotage create an Internal Tug Of War, and I can show you how to break it, so you can finally experience peace and radiate confidence in your life!

If you find yourself working really hard and can’t seem to make progress.

If you feel like you can’t do what you want to do or can't have the things you want to have.

It’s not your fault!

Numerous scientific studies have shown that only 5% of our "conscious activities" (decisions, emotions, actions, behavior) are really conscious, while the remaining 95% is generated in a subconscious manner.

You may have noticed something inside of you that is stronger than your desire to achieve your goals.

It may be the desire for a loving relationship but you feel unwanted or unloveable.

Maybe it’s a desire to be fit and healthy but you can’t stop having some drinks or eating junk food.

Again... you are being stopped by self-sabotage!

As you remember, self-sabotage is an internal “tug of war” between having a desire to do something and a feeling like you can’t or shouldn’t do it. Anytime you hear yourself say “I want to do this but I can’t because of...” you are fighting against yourself.

I the midst of your frustration... I have Good News for You! I understand you!

Because I felt the same way! You see...

In 2014, I was feeling burned out.

There was no time for myself, and I was going from one task to another without any feeling of joy or fulfillment.

My life was on auto-pilot.

I had been successfully navigating Corporate America as a licensed clinical psychologist for 15 years and promoted to a management position but didn’t feel successful or happy on the inside.

Despite my many "accomplishments", I was feeling weighed down by self-doubt and perfectionism. It felt like I had to be perfect to be liked and accepted by other people in my life and I was exhausted by the effort.

It was difficult to relax, have fun or enjoy life...

It finally got to a point where I was either making some real changes or face a serious depression.

After experiencing crippling anxiety, I decided to make REAL changes.

I spent the following three years immersing myself in learning and mastering the best methods for addressing core issues and removing self-sabotage.

What I learned was the secret to turn my life around and become a confident and happy person on the inside.

I now use these advanced skills to quickly equip people to get out of self-sabotage and into alignment with their positive intentions and goals.

When you are in harmony, life flows.

And the people I’ve helped now enjoy a lot of success and freedom in their life. There is time to enjoy family, exercise, travel, and achieve with ease.

Now they have time to spend with the people that are healthy for them. And they experience these results fast after we work together! 

Robin, one of my happy clients wrote to tell me:  

“Hey! I’ve noticed a lot of ‘neutrality’! And I swear my pants fit better today. Lol. Also I slept so amazing last night! OMG! you are never going to believe this - I just had a HUGE MASSIVE account moved to my name. I'm awesome at receiving. Hey! Just wanted to tell you that I referred you to my sister. I was telling her how excited I am about our call and explained what you do and she was like ‘WHAT!?!! Omg I need her contact info, I’m totally going to do this.’ She is sick today but I would expect her to reach out this week.” Robin Wood 

Robin was able to soar once we removed her fear of losing friends if she went after her next level of success, got her to believe that she is worthy of success, implementing a self-care plan that maximizes her energy, and set healthy emotional boundaries.

Another client, Gina, wrote “Yesterday afternoon I experienced such inner peace that the world could have fallen apart and I would have still been ok. I want to be able to recreate this feeling more often. I thank you so much for your help and guidance. I am making progress and that is very exciting for me. I am so fortunate to have you on my team!!"

Then Danette Layne, an Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Layne Change sent me this…

“Although many things were going right in my life, I sensed I had some obstacles that had to be overcome by something other than brute force, affirmations, and action. 


As someone who is a learner and uses skeptical discernment, I had a lot of questions for Shannon about her process of removing obstacles and "giving me missing beliefs" so I could achieve my goals. 


As she shared how the process works (and answered my many questions), we used an example of increasing my income to $7k per month. 

When we were done with just the learning part, I knew this would be a tool and process I wanted for my lifetime.


What I didn't know was that within 7 days I changed my income with two projects [that took my income] from $2k to $11k per month. 

I did the actions that helped me achieve this, but I'm convinced that working with Shannon also removed any resistance or sabotage to my work. 

I'll certainly be using this process and tool again and consulting with Shannon when I'm stuck. 

I feel empowered and excited about what other goals I can achieve.” 

If you are ready to unhook from your sabotaging patterns and clear out the crap that holds you back from higher levels of happiness and success, then you are going to love the Freedom from Sabotage Cure!



In it we will work together to unhook you from...


  • Letting other people control you

  • Over giving in relationships to be loved, liked or approved of

  • Jumping through hoops to please others

  • Trusting the wrong people or trusting everyone instead of using discernment

  • Isolating yourself when you need support

  • Engaging in negative comparisons

  • Not living in your personal integrity

 In order to rise above these challenges and stop working against yourself, you must elevate your thinking and release the negative and limiting core beliefs that hold you back from your full potential. 

As Einstein once wisely professed,

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” 



The challenge is that we often can’t see what’s blocking us because our current thinking patterns act as blinders- 

“we don’t know what we don’t know.” 

This is why I created Freedom Self-Sabotage Cure. This is a unique experience designed to


  1. Reduce stress

  2. Remove overwhelm and self-sabotage

  3. Enhance balance, rejuvenate your body and mind, and align you to your highest intention

  4. Establish inner peace and self-confidence

In Freedom From Sabotage Cure, You will Discover...


  • How to feel free of overthinking, self-doubt and self-sabotage

  • The 3 steps to be confident about your self-worth

  • What to do to experience a greater sense of peace and harmony within yourself and much more!

In Freedom From Sabotage Cure you will experience 3 powerful of 60 minute sessions that will clear away the junk that gets in the way of your happiness and success.  

• You will learn about muscle testing, a powerful and simple tool for communicating with your own subconscious mind so we can test your core beliefs. This enables you to see the gap between your goal (conscious) and core beliefs and intentions (subconscious). 


• We quickly and gently clear out old patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck in overwhelm, self-sabotage, excessive perfectionism, people pleasing or need for approval that drains your energy.


• After the old beliefs have been washed away, we replace them with more empowering beliefs that allow you to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be, and ensure that you are fully aligned with your intentions. The best part is that we use muscle testing to confirm that your subconscious mind has accepted the positive change in beliefs.

With this special offer, you will also receive the following BONUS gifts….

  • Powerful meditation exercise to eliminate negative thinking 

  • PDF copy of book Freedom to Thrive

  • Daily exercise designed to build your confidence and promote your self-worth

**Money Back Guarantee**

I Am so confident that You will be FREE Of Self-Sabotage with the Freedom From Sabotage Cure That I Will Put My Money Where My Mouth Is: “If you honestly don't experience a REAL AND LASTING shift after our third session together,
I will refund 100% of Your Money Back, No Questions Asked." 

Don’t let hidden insecurity ruin your life! 

Let’s clean up the gunk in your subconscious so you can live at a higher level of happiness and success! 

With Love, 

Shannon Tran