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Run Your Own Race 

Letting Go Of Comparing Yourself To Others

Do you struggle with setting goals? Do you find that you start goals but don’t finish them? Do you feel like you give up too soon, and you need to develop your ability to persevere in difficult times? 


This simple and concise ebook will give you the motivation, inspiration and guidance on how to let go of negative comparisons and distractions so you can focus on your goals. Learn how to pace yourself so you can win at your own race!


This easy to read book also includes a powerful strategy that many high performers use to achieve their goals! Learn how to harness the power of your subconscious mind by using visualization.


Learn how to:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

  • Beat depression

  • Enjoy your life

  • Use visualization effectively to achieve goals

  • Let go of unhealthy comparisons

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Setting Healthy Boundaries and Communicating Them Like a Pro 

How To Say No And Feel Good About It

Do you struggle with saying no?


Do you feel responsible for the feelings and reactions of others?


Do you tend to over give?


If you have this three tendencies, to give more than what you receive and if you have a problem of saying yes when you really mean to say no, then you need to set healthy boundaries.


Giving is a wonderful quality, however, if you over give, it can actually lead to overwhelm and burnout. 


This e book offers highly proven strategies for building and setting healthy boundaries. In order to have and enjoy fulfilling relationships, you must develop strong boundaries.


This book shows you the common problems with low boundaries and how to overcome them! By the end of the book, you will experience a boost in your value and self-worth, have more energy to do what you love, and attract healthy and positive relationships. 


Making Happiness Last

How To Beat Depression And Enjoy Your Life

Are you stuck in a pattern of un-healthy habits, bad relationships, depression, or negative thinking?


Making Happiness Last provides excellent tools for enhancing your life, improving your relationship with yourself and others, and creating permanent, positive change. 


The problem with conquering our own limitations is we either don't see them or we only focus on one solution. You cannot get the results you want for your life if your only goal is increasing happiness or decreasing pain. To achieve the results you deserve it is critical to do both at the same time.


This book will help you break negative thoughts, patterns, and behaviors that keep you stuck in your rut. You will learn to identify the negative aspects that are keeping you from having and enjoying a fulfilling life.


This book will provide you with tools that are scientifically proven to raise and maintain happiness while reducing negative thoughts.

  • How to Interrupt Patterns That Are Holding You Back

  • How to Reduce the Pain of Change

  • Developing the Willingness to Change

  • Creating Healthy Habits and Making Them Stick

  • Cultivating Optimism

  • Recognizing The Good In Your Life