Are You Bored And Looking for excitement?

The Fatal Mistakes That Even Smart High Achievers Make On The Bigger Game!

Are you looking for excitement to end life boredom? 


Looking to revive old days' excitement with a little extramarital adventure? 


Wanting a BIG WIN so you’re considering a risky financial decision? 


Tired of paying the man, or playing Russian Roulette with the IRS? 

If you are here it is because you are: 


An intelligent and successful man in your 40s who is feeling bored and restless. 


You are engaging in activities that surely will blow up everything you've worked hard to achieve... eventually.


When the Revelation Moment Comes, Your Cleverness Won't Get You Out of Your Mess... and You Know It's Time for Real Purpose! 


I don't blame you! We all want to have some fun in life... 


And while these behaviors can be fun for a while,


And make you feel alive...

Now they are starting to threaten everything you've built, and as a result, you're starting to feel scared of losing.... 

  • Your reputation 

  • Your wife and family 

  • Your financial nest egg  

  • Your peace of mind because the past is haunting you

  • Control because your life is out of control

  • Your empire because the house of cards might come tumbling down soon! 

Look, I know that at this point, you want to stop screwing up, but you don't want to be bored and restless. 


Relax, I get you!

Life doesn’t have to be boring!

One guy I helped went from having secret affairs on his wife... To discovering how to get his thrills by re-directing his energy to engaging in competitive races, creating a highly successful business that benefited his local community and flying airplanes on the weekends.


That gave him more purpose and made him feel like the strong and respectable man that he always wanted to be. 


As a by-product, his marriage actually became stronger than ever! And his wife has great respect and love for him; in a way that she never had before. Now, like a lot of guys I've worked with, you might be worried about a few things...

  • You may feel that like the other women in your life, I'll judge you for what you've done... 

  • You are scared that you'll be found out and be embarrassed... 

  • You may fear that the mess you created is TOO BIG, and you can't get out of it! 

  • You don't trust this is right for you


I know you will be anxious, but tell me, are you going to let the mess you’ve created take you down


I know that you are looking for a Guaranteed Solution to your problems... 


And I can tell you, if you let me, I can help you to get out of the mess without the public shame... 


 If you follow my guidance and trust my advice. 


When you join the exclusive Bigger Game program you get:


• 24 private sessions (2 per month). These are powerful & personalized sessions to help you "out." 

• 3-month check-up to ensure your sustained progress 

• Text support via Voxer and E-mail support with 24 hour response time. Monday through Friday. 

• Safe and trustworthy environment 

• Assignments to support your new path 

• Stress tolerance and meditation exercises to relax your mind, get you centered and ease your anxiety 

• Rock-Solid Confidentiality - I'll become legally bound to guard your secrets! 

• Accountability partner - You will have a partner that will ensure you keep yourself on track. 

Below are the steps we follow to help you:

Understand the Pattern of the You Never Have to Go There Again
  • Gain clarity about the problem 

  • Have a solid plan in place to address the problem 

  • Receive a personalized anxiety/ fear management plan

Life an Adventurous Life
  • Be the CEO of Your Life and Create Life on Your Terms 

  • Have the tools to successfully navigate whatever life throws at you 

  • Explore new avenues of adventure that enhance your life

Putting You in Charge so You Can Reclaim Your Power
  • We will develop an effective strategy for getting your needs met 

  • Experience a personalized plan for cultivating a relaxed state of mind 

  • Enjoy intimacy with the hassle

From Creating a Mess to Living Your Best
  • Step Into Living Your Best 

  • Set and Live Your Priorities 

  • Enjoy Establishing Your Legacy

The Roadmap to Your Best Future
  • Have a clear vision for your life 

  • Operate from a code that enhances your relationships 

  • Connect with people who bring out the best in you

Where to Invest Your Energy and Life Force
  • Operate from Your Own Self Authority 

  • Enjoy Meaningful Accomplishments 

  • Be Recognized for the Deep Value You Bring

Now, you know you need this solution, but we only work with 100% Committed People... So, complete the application below to be considered for this exclusive program.  

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You know it's time to live with real purpose and receive the love and respect you deserve.