Unlock Your True-Self and Potential to Be the BOSS at your job or business, Reshape Your World to Exponentially Go Where You Want to Be…

By Following the Proven System from This Comprehensive “Achieve with Ease” Program to Transform Yourself in 6 Months.

Are you resonating with any of the PAINS below?


😣 Work long hours and feel like you can never relax or slow down.


😣 Hate the alarm on Monday morning because you lack motivation and feel unfulfilled at work.


😣 Feel confused and frustrated because you are getting a lower pay raise than expected for a productive year with many accomplishments. You notice that other people with less education and experience are getting promoted over you- having greater impact and income.


😣 Suffer from politics in the office.


😣 Yearn for financial freedom and flexibility so you can spend your time on what matters most to you.


😣 Want to start a business as an entrepreneur, but do not know where to start. Or you’ve started one and failed miserably because you didn’t know how to sell or market yourself properly.


😣 Wish every day could be like the days you travel abroad.


😣 Feel discouraged and hopeless when seeing other people’s successes. You know that “doing more” or pushing yourself isn’t the answer because you’ve been putting in massive effort and action with little return.

Warrant Buffet said it best “When I worked on a job I made a living. When I worked on myself I made a fortune”.


It sounds like we should just give up on fighting with ourselves,


Feel numb about where we are, what we are doing,


And hope things would be better.


But the nagging pain continues to bother you,


More and more every day..


You can no longer put your head in the sand or ignore this.


When you see other people get promoted, or financially free


You feel frustrated because you’ve been working hard for a long time.


You listed all the great things you have accomplished,


But the more you list on the paper,


The more you feel hopeless and upset.


You want to receive more appreciation for your work,


And more fair compensation.


It feels like a pattern that keeps cycling back to you, right?


You try to get more attention from management,


Attend more corporate or networking events,


Learn some tricks to network with your peers and bosses,


Hoping this would help you with your year-end evaluation.


But the ending results barely change.


You feel you have talents and good qualities,


But things do not follow your planned direction.


That moment, you almost just want to say this is it, I am quitting…


Then what? You do not know.


You are at a cross roads-you can choose to stay in your corporate career or

leave and build your own business.


You’re not impulsive and you want to make an informed decision.


You thought you left the environment you hated so much for good,


Yes, but the real issues still are left unsolved.


You have no clue what to do next or how to solve them.


You dream of walking the entrepreneurship path, Be your own boss,


I know, so many people nowadays want to launch their own business.


But the path isn’t clear or easy. You’ve got to


You’re afraid to take a risk because you realize that you do not want to lose your security or  stable cash flow monthly.


You must know this before moving forward. Who are you BEING in the execution of any plan is critical for your next

level  of success and fulfillment.

I have been there, and I know what its like to feel confused about the best success path for YOU...


My name is Shannon Tran.


I am a PHD in clinical psychology.


I have been working in my corporate career for 20 years.


I am still working in Corporate America.


You may ask me why?


Because I love what I do.


I help people be the better version of themselves.


You may see many life coaching programs online.


The influencers are all entrepreneurs, meaning not having a JOB.


Did you ever ask how they can really help you if they never had a corporate job before? Or know what it’s really like to shift from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur one?


They just encourage everyone to be their own boss without understanding the identity shift that needs to take place on a deep level.


Are you really sure entrepreneurship is the ONLY WAY out?


Throughout my 20 plus years of career in Corporate America,


I have been through the rollercoaster journey myself.


I was frustrated with an intense workload, constant change, weak leadership, late promotion, and unfair compensation.


But look at where I am today,


I am thriving and I am doing better every day. I am successful in my corporate career AND have my own freedom based business.


How did I get where I am now?


Do I have magic tricks to share?


No, I do not. The past 20 years has taught me a lot.


I want to help more people to thrive.


In Corporate America or the entrepreneurship journey.


Whether you want to move up in your company, become your own boss, or empower employees to reach higher levels of productivity, you must develop your next level of personal leadership.


It will take 6 months to fully help you with my knowledge, skills and expertise.

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By the end of this program you will feel more balanced and grounded in your life. You will operate from clear priorities that free up your most precious resources-time, energy and money. You will feel more connected to your experience rather than “in my head”, be able to relax, have more time for self-care, feel fulfilled in your work, feel secure and worthy, be able to know your value and charge your worth, and make better decisions that are in alignment with your values and vision as a confident leader of your life.

Module 1: Clarify your own success path with sacrificing your security

Module 2: Establish a purpose driven life vision

Module 3: Eliminate limiting beliefs and bad habits that interfere with happiness and success

Module 4: Create and sustain deeply satisfying work/life integration

Module 5: Supercharge your productivity and delegate with ease

Module 6: Lead with confidence

Module 7: Nurture your intuition and creative side

Module 8: Raise your accountability so you can easily take tasks to completion

Module 9: Master your communication skills to achieve greater impact

Module 10: Build you’re A team and surround yourself with positive people

Module 11: Develop and embody your leadership style

Module 12: Own your worth and be financially confident


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Achieve with Ease Program Outline

Total Package Investment: $6,200.00 

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  • Powerful Daily Affirmations Exercise

  • Powerful Abundance Meditation

  • Episode 5 from Achieve with Ease