Self Acceptance Program

Self Acceptance Program

"There is no success without self-acceptance".

  • Do you look in the mirror and dislike what you see?
  • Do you feel like you have to hide your imperfections for fear of criticism or judgment from others?
  • Do you wish you could finally be at peace with yourself, relax into your body, and live your life with confidence?
  • You can! In order to do this, you must first accept yourself.
Self acceptance means that you approve of yourself even if other people do not. It means that you forgive yourself of past mistakes or past bad decisions. When we accept ourselves on this level, we invite self-love and become better receivers of love from others.

In order to be at peace with yourself you must let go of:

- Past mistakes
- Judgments
- Beliefs that you need to be a certain way to be loved
- Self-criticism 
- Need to be perfect
- Need to be validated and approved by others

In this video, we go through a simple and powerful process to release the blocks to self-acceptance, heal old wounds, and increase your self-compassion so that you can look in the mirror with a smile on your face, and feel proud of the person you are on the inside. 

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