Bigger Game

Bigger Game

Your Bigger Game: When Your Cleverness Won’t Get You Out of Your Mess… and You Know It's Time for Real Purpose!

Are you an intelligent and successful man in your 40s who is feeling bored and engaging in activities that’s threatening to blow up everything you’ve built? 

I specialize in working with men who have above average intelligence but are engaging in activities such as extra marital affairs, risky financial decisions, playing Russian Rullet with IRS.

And while it was fun for awhile and made you feel alive, now it’s starting to threaten everything you’ve built and as a result you’re starting to feel scared of losing….
  • Your reputation
  • Your wife and family
  • Your financial nest egg
  • Your past is going to haunt you, and that your life is out of control and the house of cards might come tumbling down

Look, I know that at this point you want to stop screwing up but you don’t want to be bored and restless. One client went from having secret affairs on his wife to get his thrills to re-directing that attention to fun and exciting activities that actually gave him more purpose and made him feel a strong and respectable man he was always wanted to be. As a by product, his marriage actually became stronger than what it ever was and his wife has a great respect and love for him in a way that she never had before. 
Like a lot of guys I’ve worked with, you might be worried about a few things…

  • like the other women in your life, I’ll judge you for what you’ve done  
  • you’ll be found out and be embarrassed
  • you’ve created such a mess that we cant get you out of it
  • I don’t trust this is right for me
Heres what I’ve learned (then address those concerns).

Please complete the below application to be considered for this exclusive program.

You know it’s time to live with real purpose, and receive the love and respect you know you deserve. 

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